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In this book, TIME magazine assembles words and pictures to provide a harrowing and sometimes heart breaking account of the earthquake, the devastation it left behind and the struggle that followed to save lives and put a shattered world back together. Combining stories of tragedy and chaos, desperation and miraculous rescue, it offers a powerful vision of one terrible day and the difficult days that followed, as the world responded with an outpouring of aid that overwhelmed Haiti's blocked roads, damaged runways and barely functioning national government. Dozens of vivid photographs document the pain and grief of the victims and the heroism of the rescuers.<br /> In a personal essay, former President Bill Clinton also offers his assessment of Haiti's most urgent needs. Because those needs are so great, TIME will donate a share of all proceeds from this book to Haitian relief efforts.
Published by: Time
Date Published: 03/02/2010
Edition: first
ISBN: 1603201637
Available in: Hardcover
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